WestJet Literally Just Made Christmas Wishes Come True. Photo credit: WestJet

In one of the more clever marketing ploys that we've ever seen, the folks at WestJet came up with a pretty cool way to ring in the holiday spirit. Before boarding their flights, WestJet passengers headed to Calgary from Hamilton and Toronto got to chat with a real-life Santa Claus and share their Christmas wishes. The punchline? Once their flight arrived in Calgary, all of their Christmas presents were waiting for them (thanks to the team at WestJet, who undoubtedly have robust cardiovascular systems). Check it out!



A few key takeaways here:


1) Blue santa is officially better than red santa


2) Next time someone asks what you want for Christmas, YOU SHOOT FOR THE STARS. Ask for a PS4 or a lightsaber. Don't be that guy that asked for socks and underwear. He totally wasted his Christmas wish. 


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Photo credit: WestJet

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