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West End Show Price Cuts During Olympics, Flickr: Ell Brown

The Lyceum Theatre in London 


London’s West End Theatres are busy preparing themselves for a summer of discontent. With predicted leisure bookings down by 95% according to the European Tour Operations Association, expect cheap theatre tickets, a plus for anyone with cheap flights to London this summer.


Producer of "The Mousetrap," Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen expressed concern, “Personally, I think the two-and-a-half weeks of the Olympics will see pretty poor attendances in theatres because people will be focused on sport.”


Top tickets for hit musical "The Jersey Boys" are on sale at approximately $30 during the 2012 Olympic Games,


Society of London Theatres chief executive Julian Bird told the BBC that although most visitors will be in the capital for the sport, “Our message is: if you're coming to London and you haven't been to the theatre, then you haven't seen one of the jewels in London's crown."


A new version of "Sweeney Todd" will launch in March but will not be showing during the period, though many London theatres will entice visitors to see these world-famous productions. 


Annually, the West End welcomes over 13 millions visitors. Why not be a part of it this year and save big on West End tickets this summer?


Source: BBC 


Photo: ell brown

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