Ways to Really Soak Up the Culture of Cancun

Soak up More Than the Sun in Cancun!


The next time you’re in Cancun…no matter what time of the year that may be…take the opportunity to not only relax on the beaches or in your resort, but also find out what true “insider culture” is. Here are ways you can get the feeling that you’ve really had a taste of the locale.

Celebrate the Day of the Dead:

The “Food for Souls” traditional Mayan holiday is celebrated November 1 and 2 each year, and it’s a great time for visitors to truly appreciate the way locals invite the souls of the deceased to visit their relatives. This is why locals display favorite foods of the deceased on embroidered table cloths on altar graves, including showcasing the traditional meal or “pib” –a corn cake stuffed with meats and spices and cooked in an underground oven.

Celebrate the End of the World:

The “End of the World” on 12-21-12 is a momentous day that marks the end of the Mayan calendar, and is a time that symbolizes a rebirth for humanity more than anything. There are several events in Cancun that celebrate this momentous occasion, including nightly shows at Xcaret and watching macaws (which are very sacred to Mayan culture) being released. If you’re in Cancun during the end of the world, it’s a very special time indeed.

Celebrate the Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival:

Cancun has hosted two acclaimed food and wine festivals, and the Holbox Gastronomic Festival, held in an island north of Cancun, featured specialty local dishes this past year. The second Annual Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival takes place in March 2013 and is supposedly a much bigger event. You won’t get closer to local food culture than at this six-day event.

Shopping for Souvenirs:

When shopping for souvenirs (whether a sombrero, or Alebrije) take time to really ask the locals where the goods come from, and who made them etc. etc. A personal connection, a story or an anecdote is far more memorable than just bringing home the souvenir itself.

There are of course, other ways to soak up the local culture of Cancun, including sipping a margarita with with locals, but these are some of the highlights. If you have a tip to share about soaking in the cultural of Cancun, leave us a comment below.

Follow these tips and your next flight to Cancun won’t have you going home empty handed!

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