"Outside the Hollywood Wax Museum," CC Flickr photo credit: Spewker
Rival wax museums are flexing their muscles in LA


There’s high Hollywood drama in Los Angeles this holiday season and it’s not taking place at the Box Office. Rather, two high-profile LA wax museums are trading swipes at one another, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.


The faux-celeb feud is between Madame Tussauds and the Hollywood Wax Museum. The folks at Tussauds are seen as the aggressors, posting side-by-side reviews of both sites in their museum lobby.


They’ve also been featuring some of their most popular wax models alongside cardboard cutouts to highlight their supposed superiority over those of the Hollywood Wax Museum.


The report claims that the stunts are meant to differentiate Tussauds in the eyes of tourists. According to museum spokespeople, many visitors arriving on flights to Los Angeles assume the museums are one in the same.


CC Flickr photo credit: Spewker

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