Wind surfing in Hawaii


Memorial Day is just a couple weeks away, which often marks the first time of the year that many people head for the water, be it the lake, river, or ocean. With the temperatures beginning to rise, it's time to hit the water for all those classic water sports and activities, from jet skiing to snorkeling to rafting and more. Below you'll find a few can't miss water activities we recommend for the summer and where to find them.


Stand up paddle surfing. A sport with a long history, stand up paddle surfing is starting to gain popularity around America. While it has long been a popular past time of Hawaii, it's starting to find a place around America, including California, the Gulf Coast, Charleston, and other popular beach destinations. Similar to surfing, it puts a paddle in your hands and allows for fun on the water when the waters aren't so high.


Canyoneering: Canyoneering, or waterfall rappelling, is probably new to many, as you can't just do this sport anywhere. The activity combines hiking, climbing, and exploring waterfalls into one sport. For smaller waterfalls, canyoneering doesn't require prior experience, but you'll need to go with a guide who can teach you the ropes. The Blue Ridge Mountains and Northwestern United States are the two primary destinations you can expect to find the best opportunities.


Windsurfing. Windsurfing has become one of the more popular water sports at the beach. You can typically find surf shops that teach windsurfing at most beaches around the U.S. A great upper body workout, windsurfing can take a while to master, but is a fun way to experience the beach in a way you probably haven't experienced it.


Ocean kayaking: There's kayaking and then there's ocean kayaking. There may not be the same rapids you may expect from the river, but ocean kayaking offers its own thrills that you don't experience from kayaking a river. We recommend renting a kayak on the Pacific Ocean and catching the sunset.


Scuba diving: While many people may think of scuba diving limited to exotic destinations like the Caribbean and the Great Barrier Reef, there are great scuba diving locations in the U.S. You'll first need your certification, but you'll have no problem finding a dive school on the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans. Some of the best scuba diving in the world takes place off the Atlantic Ocean, where divers can explore ship ruins.

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