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Warhol/Mauro at Halcyon Gallery, London, IMG Cred: Chris Osburn

Some Like Their Halcyon Gallery Hot!


On now at Halcyon Gallery in London is a unique exhibition combining rare and original work by pop art pioneer and icon, Andy Warhol, and Italian contemporary artist, Mauro Perucchetti.

Famous not just for his extravagant personality but for perfecting the modern technique of silk-screening, Andy Warhol depicted the relationships between the public, the effect of visual repetition and advertising, and the role of celebrity. As if continuing ever forward as the new bearer of the pop art flame, Mauro Perucchetti’s bold pieces infuse beautiful and familiar imagery with the latest technology to take the genre pop art to a next level. Whereas Warhol’s art seems to marvel through straight ahead depiction, Perucchetti’s subject matter tends to protest against, and sometimes even mock, the contemporary society in which we live.
The exhibition marks the first time these two artists have been brought together and shown alongside each other. Such a double bill makes for an exciting and especially aesthetically pleasing show. It also seems to encourage an intriguing dialogue between their works. According to the folks at Halcyon:
This dialogue speaks to the historical importance of Warhol’s artistic developments and subject matter and also to Perucchetti’s depiction of, and playful disappointment in, present consumer society. Both creative pioneers in their fields, this duality offers a taste of Pop Art then and now and steers a course from the origin to the future of the genre.

Above quote too heady for you? Think about it this way: a family of Perucchetti’s vividly colored and giant ‘man-sized’ gummi bears (aka Jelly Babies here in the UK) await … along with an assortment of incredibly rare and expensive work’s by Warhol – arguably the most popular and important artist of the last half century. You can intellectualize or gawk at the art all you want. It’s free to view, and the actual gallery itself is an amazingly gorgeous space albeit filled with world famous artwork or not.
Warhol/Mauro runs until September 10, 2012 at Halcyon Gallery, 144-146 New Bond Street, W1S 2PF. Find out more at
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photo: Chris Osburn

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