Iceland's beautiful volcanoes are luring tourists


It may surprise you to hear that after disrupting travel for millions, Iceland’s volcanoes are now actually boosting tourism to the nation. But that’s exactly the case, according to tourism officials in Iceland.


The eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull and Grímsvötn volcanoes in consecutive years caused headaches for millions of travelers worldwide as the ensuing ash clouds made navigating the Atlantic all but impossible.


Now, natural curiosity and the low cost of travel (fallout from Iceland’s 2008 economic collapse) have drawn travelers to the nation in droves. Volcano and lava field tours have been filling up quickly with “volcanic tourism” providing a major boost to Iceland’s recovery.


Even as Iceland enjoys the lighter side of its volcanic activity, geophysicists are keeping an eye on a third volcano, Hekla, which could be nearing eruption.


Source: Daily Mail

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