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Volare con Vino on Your Flight Back from Rome, IMG Cred: Chris Osburn

Say Good Bye to Rome with Wine in Hand!


Have flights to Rome? Fantastico! And if you’re a wine lover you might think you’ve stumbled upon a veritable paradiso vino soon into your trip.

Italian wines are some of the tastiest in the world and offer great value for money compared to much of what’s sold in neighboring European countries. With a broad assortment of high quality local and regional wines readily available at a number of wine bars, trattorias, restaurants, pizzerias, enotecas, delis and supermarkets – seasoned connoisseurs as well as novice aficionados should have no trouble at all finding a preferable quaff to please the palate while enjoying their Roman holidays.

But what do you do when you want to take a bottle of the good stuff back home with you on your flight? Packing glass bottles containing liquid in your check in luggage can be messy – especially if the bottles contain red wine! And we all know all too well that any container with more than 100ml of liquid are not to be carried onboard. Besides, who wants to deal with lugging heavy bottles around when you’re on vacation?

Of course, if you’ve already passed through airport security whatever you pick up once you’re on the other side and waiting for your flight is okay to take onto the plane. And if all goes as planned, you’ll probably arrive at the airport with plenty of time to pass. A good thing about flying out of Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci International Airport – also referred to as Fiumicino Airport – is that there are opportunities to shop for Italian wine as well as other fluids such as olive oil, balsamic vinegar and perfume.

If you are flying to the United States, you’re allowed to purchase fluids and liquids at Fiumicino’s Good Buy Roma duty free shop. Yep, the shop has a cheesy name but one that is apt. You can find good buys there on wine from throughout the country and priced for all budgets. A range of other delectable Italian made specialties including cheese is available as well … and of course sweets, clothing, books and all sorts of souvenirs and momentos for last minute gift ideas. Good Buy Roma is located at Terminals 1 and 3.

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photo: Chris Osburn

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