Las Vegas is hurting these days


Times are tough for the travel industry and no one knows that better than Las Vegas. Sin City has been one of the hardest hit when comes to tourism dropping after the 2008 global financial meltdown.


Hotels are struggling like never before, with many practically giving away rooms right on the strip. In addition to less people flocking to the desert, more bad news came out today from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority stating that the people who are showing up are gambling less.


On average a visitor to Las Vegas spent $50 less in 2009 than they did the year prior. The Associated Press revealed that, "the average gambler budgeted about $481 per trip last year. That compares with almost $532 in 2008, more than $555 in 2007 and nearly $652 in 2006."


Have you budgeted your vacation differently over the past few years? Or is it business are usual for you when on a trip? Leave a comment below about this hot button travel topic.


Source: Associated Press via USA Today

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