LEGOLAND: a kid-centric theme park where children ages 2-12 will enjoy a trip loaded with LEGO adventure…alongside their parents, of course! The park includes more than 50 rides, a waterpark, shows and attractions, and there’s even a botanical garden to explore! It’s situated in the world’s most popular theme park location Orlando, Florida and offers 150-acres of fun for infants, toddlers, and young children.

Although LEGOLAND Florida caters to family travel, parents may need some help finding attractions appropriate for babies and toddlers. So, if you’ve never been to this theme park, here are some activities for your little ones so they don’t miss out!

Explore Fun Town

Toddler on Carousel Ride

As long as someone 14 years of age or older ride alongside children under 48 inches, you’re cleared to ride the Grand Carousel in Fun Town! For the park’s youngest guests, this ride is a must. You’ll notice this double-decker carousel right away as it’s situated in the center of Fun Town.

Also, check out the Wells Fargo 4D Theater for a movie. The little ones will love it, and this 700-seat theater plays three different 4-D movies throughout the day.

Head to DUPLO Valley

Choo-Choo, all aboard the DUPLO Train! Although infants who must be held are not permitted to board the train, those who are 34 inches or taller are welcome to ride with a passenger 48 inches tall or above. But, if your child is smaller than those requirements, the DUPLO Farm is the place to be. It’s an indoor play area where young children can let loose and climb, slide, and play with farm animals (built from LEGO, obviously). And don’t forget your baby’s bathing suit because the DUPLO Splash & Play is where they can cool down while frolicking around with the waterspouts.

See a Live Show at The Pirates’ Cove

young girl watching live show

The Live Water Ski Show on Lake Heloise gets children of all ages laughing, cheering, and gasping as Captain Brickbeard and his band of pirates are defeated by Miss Miranda and her imperial soldiers in a showy display of water ski jumps and tricks. The show runs for about 20-minutes, so be sure to map out an itinerary so that you don’t miss it.

For the Taller Toddlers…

Taller two-year-olds (34 inches) have a few additional ride options. They can participate in Boating School in LEGO City, a ride that allows children to captain their own mini-vessels. In Land of Adventure, kids can ride Lost Kingdom Adventure, although pointing the laser guns at targets for points may be beyond their skill-set. Also in Land of Adventure, children can board Safari Trek, a journey through the wilds of Africa with animals like lions, elephants, and giraffes formed from LEGO bricks. In LEGOLAND, there’s never shortage of choices!

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Walk Through the Botanical Gardens

Mother with stroller

From babies to adults, all visitors will enjoy a stroll through the park’s historic Cypress Gardens. Originally opened in 1933, Cypress Gardens (which has retained its name), is a lush botanic garden set on 39 of LEGOLAND Florida’s 150-acres. This would make a perfect spot for a quiet walk to induce a stroller nap for babies and toddlers.

And Last But, Not Least…Mainland USA!

toddler playing with legos

We saved the best for last! Mainland USA is where you can find California, Las Vegas, New York, Washington D.C, Star Wars movie scenes, Daytona International Speedway, and Kennedy Space Center built from 32 million LEGOs! Even if you found cheap car rentals in Florida assuming that that you’d be driving around a lot, LEGOLAND allows you to see all this at a single destination…as long as you were wondering how all of that would look like if it were entirely made of bricks! No matter what size you are, all guests are welcome to tour this incredible LEGOLAND. The detailing of the different scenes will even have parents in awe. We wouldn’t be too surprised if you go home and attempt to build your own LEGO land!

Have you been to LEGOLAND Florida with an infant or toddler? Let us know if we missed any attractions for this young age group in the comments below! 

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