Virgin Galactic Continued Delays, IMG cred: iJustine
 Virgin Galactic still up in the air?

Though most tourists can name a whole selection of top international destinations they wish to visit on their home planet, for some, cheap flights on Earth are not quite enough to satisfy their curious minds.

But for one super businessman and member of 20 Board of Directors, the timely wait for a vacation to Space has come to an end. Alan Walton has asked for a refund on his $200,000 ticket to board the Virgin Galactic Space tourist adventure.

Pitched in 2004 to an awestruck audience, Richard Branson predicted that Virgin Galactic would finally take off in 2007. Four years later however, and one hopeful astronaut has handed over his much coveted ticket in exchange for a refund.

“Everything in aerospace always takes longer than you originally think.”

John Gedmark Executive Director of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation said regarding the delayed take off of the Galactic adventure, but he praised the safety testing process that has caused the delays.

But Chief Executive of Virgin Galactic George Whitesides remained positive,

“Folks are tremendously loyal and excited. They want us to do it safely.”

And with only 10 registered passengers dropping out of the venture, 450 ticket holders remain in spite of Walton’s personal decision to back out.

“This was a decision I wish I didn’t have to make,” he said.

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Source: Yahoo

Photo: iJustine 

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  1. Frank

    Seven Years!! with no launch date in sight,, how about a little information as to when the LAUNCH date is going to be! We would like to know, Frank


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