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Virgin Atlantic strike averted


Millions of travelers collectively can breathe a sigh of relief as a possible Virgin Atlantic pilots strike has been averted.


BALPA, the British Airline Pilots’ Association, released the following statement Wednesday: “BALPA is pleased to reassure families and the travelling public that it has resolved its dispute with Virgin Atlantic.”


Under the agreement, pilots will receive their minimum 120 days off a year, which is equal to an office worker’s weekends and holidays. Pilots union added that they will not be seeking compensation.


BALPA general secretary Jim McAuslan added, “This was never a matter of money; it was always one of lifestyle.”


Virgin Atlantic Airways, a Sir Richard Branson owned airline, is headquartered in London, England and offers flights between the United Kingdom, North America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia.


Source: Wall Street Journal 

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    Thank goodness that’s settled!! Holiday in India now saved!! Mind you the present mood of the UK Unions doesn’t bode well for general nationwide strike action and could effect virtually any public service (including Air Traffic Controllers ) -so fingers crossed!!


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