Virgin America voted greenest airline


Greenopia, a U.S. environmental company that rates various retailers, services and organization to see how eco-friendly they are to the environment has released a top 10 list of green airlines.  


Topping the list was Virgin America, followed by Alaska Airlines and Continental Airlines taking the bronze. Airlines were rated on various factors such as how old their current planes were, fuel consumption practices, recycling programs, and how many organic, local and sustainable food items they offers onboard.


Virgin's average fleet age was only two years old, as compared to Alaska and Continental, which were six and nine respectively. 


Here is the top 10 list of eco-friendly airlines according to Greenopia:


1) Virgin America


2) Alaska Airlines


3) Continental Airlines


4) American Airlines


5) Delta Airlines


6) JetBlue


7) Northwest Airlines


8) Southwest Airlines


9) United Airlines


10) US Airways


Source: USA Today

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