Vienna Boted Worlds Best City, Flickr: Sarah Ackerman

A Fairytale Photo of Wonderful Vienna 


The historic Austria capital has been acclaimed as the best place to live in the world for a third year running. Tourists booking flights to Vienna should look forward to a vacation is one of the world’s safest cities.


Vienna, home to Beethoven, Mozart and Klimt, has the best standards of living worldwide, according to an independent report that studied the city’s 1.7 million inhabitants.


Zurich, Switzerland came a close second, with cities such as Munich, Vancouver and Copenhagen all scoring in the top ten.


London came in at a respectable 38, but New York was ranked 47, which is most likely due to its high rental, dense population and high crime rates that are attributed to these types of urban characteristics.


Slagin Parakatil, senior researcher for the Mercer led survey said, ‘European cities in general continue to have high standards of living, because they enjoy advanced and modern city infrastructures combined with high-class facilities.’


Regarding London’s low position in the tables, Head of Data and Product Services at Mercer Milan Taylor said ‘Most UK cities have witnessed minor improvements in their position since 2010.’


For the second year in a row, Baghdad took the bottom position at 221.


Source: Daily Mail


Photo: Sarah_Ackerman 

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