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VP visits Yellowstone National Park & Grand Canyon


Vice President Joe Biden started a two-day tour Monday of Grand Canyon and Yellowstone national parks Monday to see first hand the effects of the stimulus package provided by the White House.


While on his tour, the VP greeted and spoke with about 100 park employees and their families in Yellowstone’s Madison Valley. While he was very happy with how the stimulus money ($750 million in total) was being spent on 800 national park projects, Biden added still more work needs to be done.


According to the Associated Press, Biden visited Yellowstone’s $4.7 million project that is replacing the 50-year-old Madison Wastewater Treatment Plant, which workers satte is bad for the environment.


“For too long
our nation’s crown jewels have been neglected,” Biden said. “Everything
we’re doing in this park is worthwhile and needed to be done anyway,
whether times were good or bad.”




Source: Associated Press

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