Moms are the best. Seriously. When you think about all the advice, the scraped knees, the tears, the dirty diapers, the laundry, the meals, and the general superhero status Mom has brought to the family, doesn’t it seem like she deserves a vacation? Yes. Yes, she does.

But maybe you’re not sure where to take that special mom in your life or even what kind of vacation to book? Don’t worry. We’ve got some tips up our sleeves. Here are three types of trips that perfect for the mother of your children. You can worry about topping yourself next year.

The Romantic Getaway

Because the two of you could use some quality alone time (and maybe a nap). Drop the kids off with grandma and grandpa. No matter how well you think things are going, your relationship could use a little revitalizing, without the kids. The big question is if you want to go domestic or international with your travel plans.

If You Want an International Romance, Go to…
Vienna, Austria

The romance in this city isn’t hard to find. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say your plan is to de-plane, hop in a carriage for a leisurely view of the architecture, and then fly right back home: you’ve satisfied the romance quota for the month. Kidding (but only kind of). If you missed the mark on Valentine’s Day (big time) and maybe took her too seriously when she asked for a low-key birthday (read: this is not a no-gift request), you can make up for it by taking the mother of your kids to Vienna!

There’s so much to do in this picturesque city, it’s insane. Take her to the opera, stroll through the museums, or take a bike tour. Need some bonus points? Why not reserve dinner for two in one of the Wiener Riesenrad ferris wheel cabins. Swoon!

If You Want to Keep Your Getaway Domestic, Book Your Trip to…
Providence, RI

So you maybe still haven’t renewed your passport, which means Europe is out of the question. No worries – you can totally find romantic activities in the United States!

New England has some really stunning architecture, lighthouses, and beaches galore. You may not have thought about it before, what with Boston in the mix, but there’s also quite a bit of culture to be found in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence lives up to its reputation as the Renaissance City with its rich arts and culture.

On any normal day, this charming city has the potential to reignite your relationship, but there’s also an annual, on-going summer festival that is not to be missed: Waterfire! To sum it up, Waterfire is essentially a non-profit art installation where the city literally lights its rivers on fire several times a year. Doesn’t that sound magical? Its events also include music, food, and boat tours. Waterfire’s events are scheduled at various points throughout the year and it’s absolutely stunning to see.

Whether or not you’re in town for a Waterfire weekend, make sure you check out the European-inspired gondala rides.

The Babymoon

One last hurrah before that bundle of joy turns your family into sleepless zombies. Sure, babies are super exciting, but so are vacations, and you’re definitely going to want to take one while you still can. Book a low-stress trip to help rejuvenate you before the baby comes.

If You Want an Babymoon Abroad, Head to…
Reykjavik, Iceland

Depending on what time of year you visit, the sun schedule in Reykjavik varies from no sunlight at all in the dead of winter, to no sunset in the summer. When the sun is out, check out Reykjavik’s brightly painted dwellings and rooftops. If you’re not into sleeping away your last few months of freedom, Iceland has plenty of adventures to keep you moving. Check out the arts and culture in Reykjavik, go whale watching, or take a quick trip to Viðey Island.

For the ultimate relaxation experience, make sure to visit when there are at least a few hours of darkness. Just imagine soaking underneath the Aurora Borealis in one of Iceland’s famous geothermal spas. Your partner’s aching pregnant body will love it.

If You’d Rather Have Domestic Babymoon, Pick…
Charleston, South Carolina

If you prefer to take your babymoon in the U.S., slow your hectic crib-building life down to a more Southern-style pace in Charleston, SC. Charleston has all the gardens, museums, and history you could ever need to help you stay active and relaxed. Plus, some lovely architecture. How can you not just fall in love with life when the neighborhoods look like this? Make the most of your last few childless days: walk the pier, take a boat ride, or spend your vacation on a beach. Moms-to-be, you deserve this.

The Trip for the Whole Family

So you’ve already got a kid or two, and don’t just want to take Mother’s Day flights to Florida? Not to worry — we’ve got a couple of family-friendly destinations up our sleeves.

If You Want to Take the Fam to Another Land, Pick…
Helsinki, Finland

Finland’s education system is world-renowned, yes, so you’ll probably never want to leave. Totally serious. But hey, that’s not the only reason to visit Helsinki with your kids. Museums, walking tours, and boats are all really cool, but Helsinki is a particularly great city for kids because of the Moomin culture.

You heard right. Moomins. They’re adorable. Think Bernstein Bears, on a Disney-like scale. They’re everywhere, and they even have their own world. The Moomin family originally hails from a book series written by Tove Jansson in the 1930s, and they’ve since taken a firm hold on Finnish culture. If you plan to bring your kids to Moominworld, be sure to grab a few books and videos before your trip. Your whole family will love getting to know these characters.

Helsinki is also a gay-friendly city, so if you’re a two-mom (or two-dad) family, you don’t have to stress while you’re having a good time with the family.

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If You’d Rather Keep the Pack Domestic, Go to…
San Diego, California

So maybe Finland is a little out of reach, while the kids are young. No problem. San Diego is just as packed with culture and beauty.

You’ll find most of the action in Balboa Park, where you can check out the museums to expose your kids to a little history and culture, then reward them with a day in the Belmont Theme Park. You think of everything, don’t you, Mom? If you plan to relax while the kids wear themselves out, hit the beach! We also hear the San Diego zoo is pretty amazing. And adorable.

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