If you haven’t already heard, the Old Farmer’s Almanac released its predictions for winter 2016-2017 and in many ways it’s not looking good folks. Northeasterners and Midwesterners should brace themselves for colder-than-normal temperatures and more snowfall than average. Pacific Northwesterners, you can expect chilly temps and lots of precipitation. Even skiers who like to head to the mountains/Appalachia will be sorely disappointed, since this area is predicted to be warmer than usual and receive less snowfall. A couple of regions in the US will narrowly escape Mother Nature’s wrath. Parts of the southern US are supposed to experience a relatively mild winter with pleasant (not too hot or cold) temps.

Of course, there’s controversy surrounding how accurate the Almanac’s predictions actually are. If you’re a believer in the Almanac’s claimed 80% accuracy rate, here are three suggestions for different types of midwinter escapes within the US, depending on your winter travel goals.

Relax in Sedona, Arizona


If you need to get away and chill out (or warm up, as the case may be), then stunning Sedona is a great choice. Located in the northern Verde Valley region of Arizona, it’s known for its beautiful red rock formations and excellent spas. A haven for musicians, artists, and yogis, it’s the perfect place to hide out from the harsh realities of life (i.e. winter) while soaking up the creative, relaxing vibes this singular area has to offer. Temps are predicted in the desert southwest to be in the comfortable 60s-70s for most of the winter.

Hit the Beach in Hawaii


In terms of weather, there are few winter destinations in the US safer than Hawaii. Whether you stay on the Big Island or head to balmy Maui or beautiful Oahu, you’re sure to make your snowed-in neighbors back home jealous. Hit the beach, try surfing for the first time, or dine al fresco in one of Honolulu’s award-winning restaurants. It’s really hard to go wrong with a mid-winter Hawaiian getaway!

Play in the Snow at Mt. Hood, Oregon


With precipitation levels predicted to be higher than normal and temperatures lower, Mt. Hood (Oregon’s prime winter sports destination) is shaping up to be an excellent choice for skiers and snowboarders this winter. For those of us who aren’t thrill seekers, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and simply taking in the scenic beauty of this area are all great options.

Are you planning a winter getaway in the US? Where are you headed? Let us know in the comments section.

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