If you’re taking a long vacation to London, the temptation to take a side trip might be pretty high. After all, it’s easy to get to most of Europe from London, and if you can spare a few days, it will make your vacation even more exciting. Imagine tacking on a short trip to Amsterdam, Paris or Barcelona! On my last trip to London, I added a few days in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and I definitely didn’t regret it.
Well, if you’re taking a side trip from London, there’s a good chance you’ll wind up using Gatwick, one of the airports servicing London. Check out this infographic for everything you need to know about it.
1. Gatwick gets you to Europe: A mere eight percent of the flights from Gatwick are transfers. Most people use it as a start and end point. And, 73 percent of Gatwick’s flights are short and international – perfect for side trips!
2. Plenty of options: More than 90 airlines use Gatwick, and they fly to 200 international destinations. Again, this is a sign that Gatwick is great for side trips from London.
3. You won’t be alone: Last year, more than 33.6 million passengers went through Gatwick. Clearly, you won’t be the first or the last to try this out.
If you do wind up flying through Gatwick for your side trip, here’s a tip: get to and from the airport via Gatwick Express (similar to Heathrow Express). It’s fast and easy – and you won’t chew up too much of your overall vacation time in transit.


Use Gatwick for Side Trips from London [INFOGRAPHIC], IMG Cred: infographiclist



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Source: infographiclist

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