Boarding passes with ads? The new way airlines will make some cash.


Airlines looking to make a quick buck with ads on boarding passes


When I read about US Airways adding advertising to their boarding tickets, two thoughts immediately went through my head. "Eh, not shocked" and "What took so damn long!?"


In addition to two for one coupons at Starbucks, boaring passes will include ads for airport parking lots, weather reports and other tourist information.


This new move by US Airways was done at a time when the Tempe based carrier is in much need of some extra cash. The most sought after destinations include the usual domestic heavyweights which are New York City, Orlando and Las Vegas.


While it is a great idea, it has been done before by such airlines as Delta, which started placing ads on boarding tickets back in 2008.


As long as the airlines are thinking of new ways to make a little extra dough that does not involve checked bags fee increases or other nickel and dime tactics, I have no problem receiving a coupon for half off a cup of coffee with my next flight.


Source: USA Today

Image: Wikimedia

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  1. Outlaw

    Wow that is outrageous. But I am getting less and less shocked with how the airlines are trying to squeeze money from customers.

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