US Airways asks judge to help with pilot fight (Image: Wikimedia)

US Airways needs judge’s help to end pilot feud


US Airways, the nation’s sixth busiest airline, has asked a federal judge to step in and resolve what the Associated Press calls “a seniority dispute” with their pilots.


The carrier’s executives stated Monday that the legal action, which was filed at Phoenix’s U.S. District Court, is a “complaint for declaratory relief.”


The Tempe based airline believes the talks have been dragging on for too long and are interfering with negotiating a new joint deal for the 4,000 pilots that came together after the US Airways/America West merger in 2005.


The pilot union said it will “vigorously oppose” US Airways’ actions. The US
Airline Pilots Association stated courts have no jurisdiction in labor
contract negotiations.


Pilots and flight attendants take seniority very serious, as it results in better schedules, improved wages, more vacation days and promotions.


Source: US Airways

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