US Airways has no plans to merge with another airline anytime soon.


US Airways has no plans to merge


While more and more airlines are looking at mergers as a way to stay afloat and turn a profit in this crazy economy, one carrier is just not interested in a partnership.


That airline is US Airways and their CEO said he fully expects to turn a profit this quarter for the first time since the third quarter of 2007.


Could US Airways eventually go the way of the Delta/Northwest and pending United/Continental merger? Of course, but as of right now US Airways has no plans to do any such thing.


American Airlines is rumored to be the best, and most likely, candidate if US Airways ever decided to make such a move.


At the annual US Airways meeting in
Washington on Thursday, Chairman and CEO Doug
Parker was asked by a shareholder if the carrier was going to merge with another airline.


Parker responded by saying no and that US Airways was “extremely happy” to be a standalone company.


Source: Associated Press 

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