Hawaiian Airlines once again led US airlines in on-time performance (Image: Wikimedia)
Hawaiian Airlines once again led US carriers in on-time performance


On-time performance numbers for US airlines in the month January were reported today by the Department of Transpiration. The news is good for American carriers who were finally able to reverse the trend of tardiness in recent months.


From December to January, on-time performance for 16 major US airlines increased from 72 percent to 76.3 percent.


While the numbers improved month over month, on-time performance remained a few points lower than a year ago. Officials say that more crowded flights, a sign of a recovering industry, were to blame for many of the delays.


Hawaiian Airlines once again had the best on-time performance with a 91.2% rate, followed by Alaska Airlines at 85.3%, and United Air at 84.5%.


Source: Wall Street Journal

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