UPDATE 1:30PM ET:  Operators are reporting that passengers are being moved through largely on schedule as the UK Border Agency brings in contingency plans. Major airports have reported no significant delays for passengers despite a walkout by UK Border Agency staff.
Planning to travel to the UK? Expect major delays as the UK Border Agency is planning to join 750,000 other civil servants in a one-day strike over pension reforms.
Airport delays may occur as passport officers walk off the job. However airline experts believe the length of the airport delays depend on how the border agency manages staffing levels.
The airport that is expected to see the biggest delays is London's Heathrow, the UK's busiest. Heathrow's worst disruptions would take place early Thursday morning due to the arrival of long-haul flights from North America and Asia. 
BAA, which operates airports such as Heathrow, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Southampton and Stansted, stated the border agents were no longer advising passengers to delay trips to the UK is possible. 

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