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Upcoming Wine Events in Denver, Flickr: dagpeak

Enjoy a Taste of Denver!


There’s something in the air when you’re visiting Denver. Perhaps it is called the “Mile High City” for more reasons other than being exactly one mile high above sea level. Perhaps it’s the rush of a few glasses of wine that enhances this feeling? If you’re visiting Denver for the romantic backdrops, nearby winter sports or just to enjoy the city life and all it has to offer, take some time to relax and enjoy one of these upcoming wine events.

Wine & Chocolate Weekend at Bonacquisti Wine Company: You either love or hate Valentine’s Day, but the good thing is, you can celebrate or mourn the holiday with a glass of red or white. If you happen to have a date, dazzle him/her for a wine and chocolate weekend. Artisan chocolates paired with award-winning wine awaits you at this classy event. Some special guests include a red and dark raspberry truffle and a Zin Port with Jalapeno Infused Fudge. The second one gives us enough curiosity to want to attend this event!

International Wine Guild: Level I Wine Seminar: If you didn’t know that Denver took their love of wine seriously, stay tuned. Stay a while and take an International Wine Course at the International Wine Guild National Training Center. You’ll study an introductory course about wine, evaluation and pairings from selections all over the world. You don’t have to be a professional; anyone that is interested can take the course and receive a diploma amongst completion. Go figure that you can visit and stay in a great city and become an official wine geek.

Pairing Food & Wine in Denver: A Tasty Science (Special: Aphrodisiac Food Focus): Wine aficionados know important pairings, like fish and a white wine. But if you want to go beyond the obvious and truly want to make the perfect match, you may consider a food pairing course. At the Colorado Free University, you can take the Pairing Food and Wine Course with a focus on Aphrodisiac Food Pairing. What does this mean exactly? You’ll be able to sample foods and wines that will put you in the romantic mood, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Tour of South America with Rafael Craveiro at Sonomaz Wine Bar: South America is a fascinating continent with a rich history and plenty of rich wine regions. Unfortunately, from Colorado, it is quite the long trip. If you can’t travel far, you can travel to Sonomaz Wine Bar, just outside of Denver. Raphael Craveiro is a young importer from Brazil who specializes in South American wine. He’ll showcase the varieties and share stories about the wineries in South America and what it’s like to be an importer. You can also enjoy a lovely dinner with an enticing menu at the restaurant itself that also makes fine pairings themselves. (We have our eye on the New York Strip steak paired with the Simi Cabernet Sauvignon)

Intro to Organic Wines: Is it just us, or do you think that everything is having its own organic equivalent? First there were organic vegetables, then organic t-shirts, now what is next- organic nail polish? Of course, we love that organic means the freshest possible product, which means organic wine must be the best, right? An Intro to Organic Wine at A Bottled Affair in Denver will teach you all about what organic wine means. This events venue specializes in wine events and is located in the Denver Central Business District.

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