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The Brooklyn Botantical Gardens’ Cherry Blossoms!


If you ask a New Yorker when the best time to book discount airfare visit New York City is, they will probably have difficulties answering the question. Summer is great for hot days on the boardwalk and Central Park while autumn is fun for culinary escapades, the Halloween Parade and Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. There is nothing like winter in New York City for the holiday spirit and the prolific New Year’s ball drop. But, spring in New York is that perfect time of the year with warmer weather and the blossoming of outdoor events after a cold winter!

Tribeca Film Festival:
Did you know that the Tribeca Film Festival launched after the tragic events of 9/11 to promote Lower Manhattan? During a time when Lower Manhattan needed a quick revival, this world renowned film festival provided an excellent platform for filmmakers at a time when the city needed it the most. The festival’s mission is to not only celebrate foreign films and New York City, but to make sure the general public enjoys the film and festival experience. Today it is a wonderful opportunity to catch a good film, sightsee in one of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods while supporting a good cause.

Hanami: Cherry Blossom Viewing at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens:
While Washington D.C. is famous for its Cherry Blossom Festival; New York has its own place to showcase these gorgeous and delicate flowers. The Hanami: Cherry Blossom Viewing at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is unofficially the place where spring begins in New York City. These soft, pink flowers blossom as New York heats up in late April just in time for the show. The event also takes a glimpse into Japanese culture through music, dance, food and more.

Explore Governors Island: New York City has obviously been through a metamorphosis, and especially Governors Island. What was once Nut Island under the Dutch, was taken by the British and renamed Governors Island, in the name of His Majesty’s Governor. It was used as a military facility and a coast guard base.  And for a few years, there was a big question mark as to what to do with the island that is so close to Manhattan and Brooklyn. It was eventually redeveloped into a useful space that includes parks and public space. The Island only opens to the public from spring through late summer as is worth the ferry ride over to visit a new up and coming New York City destination.

Fleet Week: While Memorial Day is the “unofficial” start to summer (Even though it is still technically spring time), Fleet Week seals the deal. The days get really warm in New York and make it a great time to explore the city during Fleet Week. Thousands of men and women from the Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard show their valiant uniforms around town to participate in events. The biggest is at the USS Intrepid where you can tour ships, view military demonstrations and enjoy musical performances.

Museum Mile Festival: Even though New York City is not the home to the most museums in the world, it certainly is a museum capital. There are so many museums in New York City, which even New Yorkers who visit a few these places on school trips, may not have even been to every single museum. Nonetheless, the Museum Mile Festival provides a great chance to see ten of the best museums and for free! The city streets on Museum Mile, or 5th avenue between 82nd and 105th Street are closed off for live bands and entertainment for all ages.

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