We love traveling. What we don’t love are all the little quirks and ridiculousness that sometimes come with the journey. Whether it’s lost luggage, exorbitant baggage fees, uncomfortably small airline seats or just the ordeal of walking around huge airports, it seems that there’s a solution for every single problem the modern-day traveler has. But perhaps not all problems need solutions.

Let’s take a look at the 9 most unnecessary travel gadgets out there!

My Hitch

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to simultaneously have a tail and feel like your pants are falling down? Imagine no longer! With My Hitch, simply attach the plastic “S”-shaped hook to your pants, hitch your suitcase onto the curve and voila! Hands-free luggage. Snag yours now for just $17.95.

Narrative Clip 2

A wearable HD camera that captures authentic moments? Sign us up! Simply drape the Narrative Clip 2 around your neck for ultra-spontaneous HD pictures from everyone’s favorite angle: collarbone-height. Not only can you program the device to capture moments on a 2-minute continuous basis, it is also only $199! Score.

Slotflop Sandals

Money belts are so passé. Enter the Slotflop: a flipflop that stashes your valuables like credit cards, cash and… Well, that’s pretty much it. Even though you can’t fit travel essentials like your diamond ring collection or passport in your Slotflops, you’ll be more than happy that you paid just $24.95 when the time comes to discreetly slip your cash out of your shoe to pay for your 5-star meal in Paris. Thieves, consider yourself thwarted.

Micro Luggage Scooter

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… A dude rolling through the airport in a trenchcoat on the Micro Luggage Scooter. How’d he get through security? Doesn’t matter, because he looks awesome. You, too, can rock this convenient and possibly fall-of-humanity inducing look for just $299.95 — a steal of a deal! There’s also a version made in collaboration with electro-music icon Steve Akoi that features built in blue tooth speaker and no extra cost.

Giraf Portable Bidet

See all those chumps walking into the tiny airplane bathroom without a bidet? That’s not going to be you. Watch them gaze in envy as you stroll to the toilets with the Giraf portable travel bidet in hand. And at just $9.99 for a squeaky clean bum, what’s not to love here?


If you hate packing those big, annoying suitcases, you’re in luck! Ditch that rolling hell-on-wheels and suit up with Jaktogo‘s fashionable knee-length luggage vests. For just $87.00, be the coolest kid on the plane — with all your toiletries, books and clothing so easily accessible, you’ll be the belle of the ball!

ZigZag Belts

For just $39.00, you can have the ultimate luxury of not taking off your belt when you go through security! Think about how much time you’ll save: if you travel twice a year and spend 5 seconds taking off your belt each time, you’ll spend an estimated SIXTEEN whole minutes of your life by investing in Portland-based simple.be’s ZigZag Belt. Worth it.

Ostrich Pillow

Power nap in peace with the revolutionary Ostrich Pillow! For $99.00, you can block out all of the surrounding noise by stuffing your head into a small hole and taking a nap on the tray table like a normal person. Get napping!

Self-Stirring Mug

Ugh, we all can relate to how tedious and hard it can be to stir milk into your coffee all by yourself. Now, with the life-saving invention of the Self-Stirring Mug, we don’t have to anymore! For just $18.99, you’ll never have to stir your coffee again, like those peons in the 25th row.

Do you irrationally want any of these travel gadgets? Let us know which ones in the comments!

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  1. Carlos

    The Narrative is a pretty bad product. There are better ones out there that do the same thing, like the Drift Compass or the iON Snapcam. Those flip flops are so NOT unnecessary! I need them! If I ever saw someone with that ostrich pillow, I think I would change flights LOL.


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