Protest in Nepal


After months of street protests and political turmoil in Nepal’s Himalayan nation, the United States has warned its citizens not to travel there.


The warning was issued by the State Department and dated June 15. It said the U.S. continues to have concerns about the state of security in Nepal.


Last month, the Maoist former rebels shut down the country for more than a week with protests against the government.


Street demonstrations turned violent with clashes between communist supporters and police.


No tourists were injured during the protests but general strike closed down hotels, restaurants and transportation.


Source: Associated Press

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  1. Murari

    Nepalese citizen are left confused with Nepal’s international relations and domestic development strategy. On one hand the US Government makes such an assessment of political situation, on the other Nepal government decides to launch "Tourism Year 2011". Its clear that a poor country ends up with bad strategies and plans and waste its resouces and citizen’s taxes. Launching programs like this at the wrong time, when implementation of other development project is virtually impossible, is one of the ways to siphon off resources by the politicians, technocrats, and beaucrats.


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