United Airlines plane sits on runway at Newark after emergency landing

United plane sits on Newark runway after emergency landing



A landing gear malfunction is to blame for a United Airlines flight's emergency landing Sunday morning at Newark Liberty International Airport.


No injuries were reported and everyone was evacuated from Flight 634, which was coming from Chicago, shortly before 9:30 am.


A spokeswoman for United Airlines stated that the plane's main landing gear failed to deploy properly and that the airlines is investigating the incident. The non-stop flight departed from Chicago at around 6 am en route to Newark, with 48 passengers and five crew members aboard.


Ron Marsico, a spokesman for the Port Authority which owns Newark International, said the airport was only shut down for 20 minutes due to the incident. Only minor departure delays were reported early in the day.


Investigators worked on the runway at Newark Sunday morning with the airplane to determine what caused the issue.



Source and image: Associated Press

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