Special expenses included painting 200 planes with the United name
and Continental logo (Image: Wikimedia)
Special expenses following an October merger weighed heavily on profits


United Continental Holdings reported a $325 million loss for the fourth quarter.


While that number may sound alarming, it’s actually much better than the airline and financial experts had predicted.


United and Continental Airlines closed their merger on October 1 and anticipated that special expenses would weigh heavily on their fourth quarter earnings.


However, the merged airlines outperformed fourth quarter expectations and were able to keep losses relatively low. 


Revenue rose by about 15% for the quarter. Without the special expenses, the airline said it would have posted a $160 million profit, amounting to about 44 cents per share.


More than 200 planes have already been rebranded with the United name and
Continental logo.


The new airline is currently in the proces
of integrating intricate computer systems.


Source: USA Today

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