The Everglades is back on the UNESCO list


A silver trade route in Mexico and The Bikini Atoll were among 21 new places added to the list of World Heritage sites at the yearly gathering of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, which finished August 2, in Brazil.


The additions bring the total number sites on the list to 911, which include natural sites such as the Grand Canyon as well as manmade and cultural sites like the Acropolis.


The UNESCO team also elected four sites as endangered, including Everglades National Park in Florida. Home to 20 endangered species, the Everglades was on the list from 1993 to 2007 because of hefty amounts of water being diverted to cities.


In a statement, UNESCO claims the park was put on the list again for the same reason.


Also added to the new list were the Atsinanana rain forests of Madagascar, where illegal logging and poaching are a threat to unique lemurs; the Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery in Georgia were also added, as were the tombs of Buganda Kings in Uganda.


Source: Associated Press

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