Vancouver is ready for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Vancouver is running wild with Winter Olympic excitement


While the unemployment rate is sky high, health care is a mess, our car's brakes don't work and many of us are obese, there is one silver lining in that red, white and blue cloud called the United States of America – we plan on winning a lot of the gold at the Winter Olympic Games.


Kicking off Friday night in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada, Team USA is looking pretty solid as a collective group and has many outstanding athletes in pretty much all of the major games.


If everything goes America's way they could actually do something they have not done in nearly 80 years at the Olympics and that is win more medals than any other country.


The United States historically is known for performing well during the Summer Olympics, but coming up short during the winter games.
Every four years it seems like the U.S. gets their tails kicked in by such chilly sport loving heavyweights as Russia and Germany (who has won more medals than any other nation in the last three winter games).


What hurts even more is that it is in sports Americans enjoy to tune in and watch like hockey and snowboarding, making the lackluster performances by previous teams even more painful to watch.


But the U.S. Olympic Committee is very confident that this go around will silence all the critics. We shall see starting this weekend.


What do you think of the U.S. Winter Olympic Team? Do you think that they can pull off what many believed was the impossible and win the most medals of any country this time? Or will it be more of the same? Share your thoughts on the winter games below!


Source: Washington Post

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  1. Sal

    I am actually pretty excited about the Winter Olympics for the first time inmy life. Vancouver is also a great city, so looking forward to watching NBC’s HD coverage of that place.


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