Could Cuba travel ban be lifted this year? U.S. businesses hope so

American based businesses are demanding the House of Representatives lift the travel ban to Cuba as soon as possible.


The decades-old embargo on Cuba by the United States, which is the longest lasting embargo in modern history, restricts U.S. businesses from conducting business with Cuban interests.


In a memo to leaders of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Chamber of Commerce's chief lobbyist, Bruce Joston, said "It is time to end the unproductive
preoccupation with an aging and moribund Communist regime, and begin to
lay the groundwork for a U.S. role in the future of Cuba."


In June, the House Agriculture Committee voted 25-20 to pass a bill that would end the 50-year old ban on travel to Cuba
and to do away with unnecessary obstacles to food sales to the island.


Source: Reuters

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