Turkish Airlines wants staff to lose some weight


Turkish Airlines has informed some of their flight attendants that they are a tad bit overweight and will be given six months to drop the excess baggage or they will be grounded permanently according to a newspaper report. 


The carrier told the 28 workers, of which 13 are female, had been told in the past to lose some weight and are now on unpaid leave until they do so. 


A newspaper over the weekend released some of the statement which read, "Weight and height are important factors at all airlines. These
criteria are important both in terms of appearance and the ability to
move about."


The airline, which is the fourth largest by passenger volume, has yet to confirm the report to media.  If workers do not lose the weight they could be reassigned to ground positions. 


What do you think of Turkish Airlines telling workers to lose weight? Do you agree with their stance that flight attendants need to be fit or is it an employer asking too much of an employee? Leave a comment below. 





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