Shoeless No More for Frequent Travelers

The TSA is showing signs of easing on their invasive procedures and considering a ‘trusted travelers’ program.

It would allow regular travelers to no longer face the hassles of taking their shoes off, taking their laptops out and so forth.

According to the report by the Daily Mail, the program would use the data from airline frequent flyer programs and implement a special status on the regular traveler’s boarding pass bar codes.

The program is expected to start this summer.

Things could change though for trusted travelers who are boarding a flight perceived as high risk.

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  1. Phil Herman

    There are a number of categories that should be included on the trusted travelers program. Active duty police officers, Retired Police officers (who retired in good standing and are receiving a pension), any citizen who has obtained a weapons carry permit (background checks have been done and they are least likely to violate any rules for fear of loosing their carry license). I have concern over blanket permission because someone is simply a frequent flyer and on a frequent flyer list. Without a criminal background check and verification of identity, anyone could sidestep security and present a danger.


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