After all the talk of "opting-out" of controversial body scanners, it appears that a majority of Thanksgiving holiday travel ran smoothly at airports nationwide according to the Transportation Security Administration.

Kristen Lee told The Washington Post's Ed O'Keefe in an email Sunday that, "Everything went smoothly overall. Wait times at more than 450 airports nationwide were consistent with past holiday travel periods with many airports experiencing minimal lines."

While full details of the turkey day weekend will be made available late Monday, it looks as if all the hub-bub over scanners and pat-downs did not screw up plans for holiday travelers.

An astonishing figure released by the TSA revealed that only 39 out of more than 47,000 passengers opted out of body scanners the day before Thanksgiving. Overall about 99 percent of travelers used the controversial machines despite the much hyped "Opt Out Day."

So what does this mean for rights groups that are protesting the machines and advanced pat-down procedures? With most Americans fine with using these new security measures, will their protests eventually be drown out and ignored by other news stories? 

What areyour feelings on the TSA and their security procedures? Are you for them? Against them? Or does the topic not interest you as long as you get to your final destination on time?


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