Light packers will be rewarded at Pittsburgh International


Growing tired of lengthy TSA security lines? Some relief may be in sight. Smart-packing passengers hopping aboard Pittsburgh flights will now be able to breeze through the security process.


That’s because Pittsburgh International Airport officials have teamed up with the TSA to create what is believed to be the nation’s first Express Security Lane for passengers carrying just one bag.


The new express lane, which opened Tuesday, will be staffed by dedicated TSA agents making sure that carry-ons are in compliance. Be aware, jackets will be allowed through the express lane but not extra items like purses or laptop bags. All carry-ons must not be larger than 22″ by 14″ by 9″.


The express lane is meant to speed up the security process and combat the growing number of passengers carrying-on in response to rising bag fees. The pilot program is likely to be expanded to other airports if TSA and passenger feedback is positive.


Source/Image: MSNBC

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