Passengers may no longer need to remove their shoes in the near future (Flickr: redjar)
Homeland Chief: Passengers may soon be able to keep shoes on


One of the most annoying parts of the airport screening process may soon be history, according to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. The Homeland Chief said in a recent interview that passengers may soon be allowed to keep their shoes on during future security screenings.


She also reiterated that the Transportation Security Administration would soon begin moving toward an intelligence and risk-based screening approach that would alleviate some inconvenience for travelers who don’t pose legitimate security risks. The TSA has faced tremendous backlash over the past year following the implementation of full body scanners and enhanced pat-downs at airports across the country.


Heeding public outcry, the TSA and Homeland Security are now working to balance both safety and privacy. The agency has introduced new body scanner technology at several airports that will not show body parts of individual passengers.


Despite these updates to the screen process, it looks like the US will not be joining Europe in lifting in-flight liquid bans anytime soon. According to Napolitano, liquid restrictions will be one of the last things to go.


Source: Business Insider

Flickr: redjar

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