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TripButler: A Wi-Fi Guarantee During Travel, Flickr; Sean MacEntee

 It Works on Tablets, Smartphones and Computers!


You can always save on roaming charges when traveling abroad if you carry a Wi-Fi hotspot with you.

That’s the premise of, a new service which enables you to rent a portable device, said to be small enough to fit into a shirt or jacket pocket, by the day for your travels to a single or multiple countries abroad.

And, the device can handle your mobile needs for up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets or computers, the company says.

So, for example, TripButler charges $8.40 per day (or $58.80 for the week) for a Feb. 1-8 sojourn in multiple countries in Europe. And TripButler ships the device to your initial destination.

That’s a bargain when you consider the hefty bill you might otherwise get for roaming charges on your return home.

There are data limits that come with the rental charge, however.

You get 350MB included in the weekly rate above, and after that you can book extra data capacity at the rate of $0.02 per MB.

TripButler says its Wi-Fi hotspot device works anywhere 2G or 3G service is available.

The service is geared for Europe and each device is country-specific, unless you opt to rent one for multiple European countries.

If traveling with friends and family you can share the hotspot, but TripButler cautions to keep in mind that you would be putting pressure on your data limits as you do so.

TripButler also has Android and iPhone apps to enable voice calling, as well.


Photo: Sean MacEntee

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