Trick or Treating with Mickey and Pals. Photo credit: Disneyland Resort
Last weekend, my family was invited as guests of Disneyland
to enjoy Mickey’s Halloween Party. I had been to Disneyland quite a few times
during the autumn season (one of my absolute favorite times of year), but had never
been trick or treating in the park. We were in for an amazing treat!

Not quite yet Halloween, it took a bit of advance planning
to whip together our costumes, so we enlisted the help of Disney Studio 365
makeover team, who transformed my older girls into stunning Halloween pop stars.
The pop star makeover takes place in Downtown Disney and was the perfect way to
start our evening.

After getting glammed up, we headed into the park to enjoy
the Halloween fun. Main Street welcomes you to the party with theme music,
unique lighting, and plenty of autumn decor. Just inside the park, you’ll find
your first opportunity to enjoy two of the park’s most popular Halloween Time
activities: Trick or Treating trails, and pictures with the Disney villains.

In case you aren’t aware, the Disney villains pretty much
make one appearance a year, during Halloween Time. At Mickey’s Halloween Party,
there are numerous villain photo lines throughout the park allowing you the
chance to take pictures with the likes of Jafar, Maleficent, Snow White’s Evil
Queen, Jack Skellington, and much more. Other photo opportunities are
available  with Mickey & Pals, who
are also all dressed up for the party.

Trick or Treating through the park is another main
attraction. With a station in nearly every land and area, there are plenty of
opportunities to fill up on candy (and healthy snacks like apple slices and
carrots if you want to balance it out a bit). Lines can be long, but move very

Lines are definitely not long for regular park attractions. At
one point, we literally walked on Pirates of the Caribbean, and other lines
that can often be quite busy during peak park seasons were equally easy to
access with everyone busy snagging candy and villain photos.

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Two rides, the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain, retain
their lines as they’ve been revamped for the Halloween holiday. Haunted Mansion
infuses the Christmas/Halloween story of “The Nightmare before
Christmas,” and Space Mountain offers older guests the most frightful
opportunity in the park.

Be sure to visit Main Street throughout the night. Grab a
pumpkin spice latte to keep you awake for the late night from the newly opened
and Starbucks branded Market House. Your littlest ones will love the  Costume Party Cavalcade, a cute parade
featuring Mickey & Pals, and the Halloween Fireworks. Although I am often
moved to tears while enjoying Disney fireworks, this whimsical and spooky
display will probably keep your eyes dry, but thoroughly stimulated.

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Photo: Disneyland

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