Whether you’re an old pro when it comes to business travel or if you’re planning for your very first professional journey, it’s safe to say there’s some anxiety that comes with hitting the road. Travel for fun can often prove a stressful experience when proper precautions aren’t taken, and the same can be said for business travel. Luckily, there are plenty of quick and simple ways you can make your next business trip a low-stress affair, no matter what your work obligations may be. We’ve rounded up some of the best ways you can perfect the art of stress-free business travel — wherever your work takes you. Read on for how to ensure your next business trip is more relaxing than you ever imagined.

Register for Flight Alerts

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Looking for the right flight with the lowest airfare can be a real headache for even frequent travelers, which is why signing up for flight alerts is a great idea. It helps you track the best options and deals when it comes to local and international flights, and will provide you with instantaneous alerts if anything changes with your chosen flight. That way if your plane is delayed or even cancelled, you can quickly make the necessary changes so your business plans can sail smoothly onward. Most major airlines have their own apps at this point, so be sure to download your favorites (and turn on alerts) so you’ll always be able to grab the perfect flight for you.

Be Prepared

It helps to have contingency plans for traditional travel excursions, but it’s absolutely essential when it comes to business trips. Make sure you’ll be able to handle the unexpected, whether that means having backup batteries for your essential devices, an alternate way to travel should there be issues with your car rental, and an assortment of useful phone numbers and websites you can contact if you need additional help and support along the way. Taking a little extra time to ensure you have the resources you’ll need as you travel for work can spell the difference between a successful trip and an unpleasant conversation with your boss when you return home.

Make It Carry-On Only

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If at all possible, try to arrange your luggage so it fits into a carry-on. This has a number of distinct advantages for the busy business traveler, in particular the fact that by keeping your luggage with you, you’re far less likely to run the risk of it getting lost or delayed by the airline. Additionally, carry-on is far easier to contend with if you have to catch multiple flights or move between several locations. With only one bag to keep an eye on, you can spend far less time (and money) on your luggage, and focus on having a successful and productive business trip.

Get Expedited Travel Status

It’s bad enough getting stuck in long lines for security checks under regular circumstances, but when you have to arrive on time to make an important business meeting, even small delays can spell disaster. Reduce your business travel stress by signing up for expedited travel status before you go on your next work-related trip. You can schedule an appointment with a local enrollment center that will let you breeze through TSA security checkpoints no matter how long the line might be. It’s a great option, particularly for those who spend a lot of time traveling for their job.

Remember to Relax

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No matter how intense or jam-packed your itinerary may be during your business travel, it’s important to give yourself a breather. Remember to keep well hydrated and load up on healthy and nourishing snacks you can eat on the go. Try to get a solid amount of sleep, and do your best to give yourself some downtime during your travels. Not only will it leave you better equipped to handle the trials of travel, you’ll also be ready to handle your business obligations with ease!

Got any other tips for making business travel less stressful? Share them with us in the comments.

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