Survey finds travelers are annoyed most by baggage fees



Travelers do get annoyed by flight delays and overbooking but their ultimate pet peeves are having to pay for baggage and dealing with rude staff, a U.S. poll says. A Consumer Reports survey asked 2,000 U.S. citizens to rank their grievances about car rental companies, airlines, and hotels, and discovered that luggage fees caused the most anger.


The survey also found that airline ticket fees and bad attitudes by staff members were not far behind. “Two themes emerged. One of them was added fees. That really irritated people regardless of the industry,” said Mark Kotkin, of Consumer Reports. “For airlines, in particular, it was the new luggage charges.”


Reports showed that the other main complaint in regards to all three industries was rude staff. Kotkin believes passengers find charges for luggage annoying because the charges are new and pricey. Consumers also stated that lack of information on airline delays was more irritating than the delays themselves. There were also complaints about fellow passengers as well, those who hog seats and carry-on space.


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Source: msnbc

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