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More and more people are visiting Vegas


Lady luck is slowly getting back on the side of Las Vegas it seems as Sin City is showing signs of life with an increase in tourism. According to a Reuters report, the Center for Business and Economic Research said its index of the month-over-month increase was the highest its been in nearly 30 years. 


Vegas was one of the hardest hit cities economically due to the 2008 financial meltdown that caused a nationwide and eventually worldwide recession.  Roughly 3 million people made their way to Vegas in January, up 8.3 percent from just one month prior. Those visitors spent $761 million at restaurants, shows and of course the casinos.


With the economy rebounding month after month, more and more people are now comfortable enough again to make their way to popular tourist destinations like Las Vegas.


New jobs, which a year ago seemed impossible, are expected to pop up by the end of 2011. While the nation's unemployment rate is down to 8.8 percent, Las Vegas has an unhealthy 13.6 percent rate as of February.


While analysts say this is no time to start throwing a party in the desert, it is definitely good news for a city that has seen plenty of bad news over the last 24 months.


Will you be traveling to Las Vegas in 2011? Has the upbeat in the economy and low hotel rates on the Strip help make Vegas a "must visit" destination for you this year? 







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