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Travel Tip: Things You Can do Post Hurricane Sandy as a Traveler, Flickr: shankbone

Shot of Hurricane Sandy in NYC!


The disaster that was Hurricane Sandy is over, but the relief effort from the aftermath isn’t. It’s hard to imagine such a large and well known city like New York City and its surrounding areas to have been hit so hard. Nonetheless, if you happen to be a traveler in New York City or have a flight to New York City post-Sandy, there are many ways you can help out the city.

Volunteer: Volunteering is probably the best hands-on opportunity to help out. Organizations like NYC Parks and Recreation, United Way and more are looking for volunteers to help distribute food, bottled water and other donated necessities. You can choose for how long you want to volunteer, whether it’s for a day or every weekend. It is almost like a voluntourism opportunity in the making where you can directly help those affected by the storm.

Visit New York City: There’s no better time to visit New York City like there is right now! The city is crippled, but not destroyed. Life has been brought back to the city streets and homes, but especially since airports are open and available for travelers to come and visit. The economy could use a boost, especially the hard hit small businesses in every borough. Normally, right before the Christmas season is particularly a nice time to visit, so why not?

Donate Blood: Blood gives people life and giving blood means giving life to someone. There is always a need for it after a natural disaster to meet the needs of the area. The best part is, you can donate anywhere in the city or in a different state. Make sure to be in good health before you consider donating.

Meet up with Locals: It may sound unorthodox, but sometimes, you need to get your mind off the bad times. There are always lots of meet-ups in New York City amongst tourists, travelers and locals. Perhaps spot someone you know who may be in your hostel because their home doesn’t have power a drink and share a nice chat. After all, New Yorkers come together and are friendly amongst strangers, especially during hard times. You can even organize a relief event to donate money towards any charitable organization for Hurricane reliefs.

Donate to the Red Cross: The easiest way to donate from any city or country is to send a cash donation to the Red Cross. This organization is diligent on helping New York City shelters. The relief response will be costly since many homes and areas were damaged, especially outside of New York in New Jersey, so any cash contribution is especially helpful.

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photo: shankbone

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