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Make Sure You're Charged!

If you’re a traveler who doesn’t particularly like crowds, the Thanksgiving holidays may bring out your inner Grinch. According to Jay Caulk, a travel agent in Pompano Beach, FL, the Thanksgiving season may well resemble a tense scene in a movie when you hold your breath because you know something tumultuous is going to happen.

If you’re one of those travelers, here are our travel tips for surviving the crowds this holiday season:

Travel Light:
You don’t want to brave the lines attempting to check your bag in for $25. If you can, pack everything into a carry on (which the airlines will likely make you check in curbside anyway, especially if the flight is full). Check out this post for some smart travel gear recommendations.

Arrive at the Airport Early: You don’t want to face the traffic’s mad rush or be annoyed that the flight is so full and you’re stuck in the very back row (especially if you forgot to do online check in the night before). It pays to be prepared during the Thanksgiving rush: sitting in bumper to bumper traffic a half hour before your flight is no fun, and you won’t be guaranteed a standby seat in case you miss the plane.

Charge your Cell phones and Gadgets:
This may seem obvious, but in case you’re running late, you want a way to communicate. Make sure all your devices are charged the evening before the trip to avoid carrying cords and finding outlets at the airports.

Frequent Flyer Program: If you’re a member of a Frequent Flyer program, then use your points to upgrade if possible. You may be able to board early, get extra legroom and enjoy access to the airport lounge – a real treat if you’re trying to get away from the crowds.

Ensure Your Items are Marked and Tagged: You don’t want your luggage to get lost in the shuffle—especially if you’re carrying presents for the family. Make sure you clearly mark and label your luggage and provide an address or cell phone number so the airlines can contact you.


Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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