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If you’re ready to be a part of New York, New York then you’ll need to stop singing with Frank Sinatra and get to the city that never sleeps in a New York minute with New York flights. All clichés aside, a first time visit to New York City can easily be overwhelming. There is so much to do even local New Yorkers haven’t completed their city bucket list. Besides choosing places to go, half the battle is coming up with a strategy to making this first time visit one to remember. (So you can enjoy it and return again!)

Bring extra cash: This goes for any vacation in a city, but especially in New York. It is difficult to say whether or not it is somewhat of a budget destination with food options such as dollar pizza, or expensive because of accommodation. You are better safe than sorry when you bring extra money for last minute taxi rides or a splurge in SoHo.

Make a NYC bucket list: Face it; there are too many things to do in a city filled with millions of tourists and locals. One look at your Lonely Planet and you’ll go stir crazy with attractions and dining options. Without scheduling yourself to certain places, try making a bucket list of must see places in New York City. Start from the attractions everyone must see, such as the Empire State Building and Central Park. Order them accordingly; even categorize your options making lists of the top five places. Think of the following: five places to eat, five places to shop and five places to take a photograph in NYC.

Invest in a MetroCard: Whether your trip in the Big Apple is short and sweet or long lasting, everyone needs a MetroCard. This is a free refillable card used to ride the subways and buses that run 24/7. A fare is $2.25; which can take you all over the city; it is a general fare that is not calculated by travel distance. A budget option for travelers who will use mass transit often is to buy an unlimited card; either for one day, weekly or monthly usage. This will give you unlimited access to the subway for that certain period of time. Store your MetroCard in a safe place; they are easy to lose!

Wear comfortable shoes: Even if New York City is a walking-friendly place, it might not be so friendly on your toes. It’s easy to get exhausted going through the streets with so much to explore. Females should especially be concerned if wearing uncomfortable shoes when the city is filled with potholes, uneven pavement or cobblestone streets in Lower Manhattan. If you’re running around the city, wear your comfortable shoes; if you need to dress up for an event, consider bringing them along and changing at the location. No one likes to tour a city with uncomfortable feet, or even worse: blisters!

Go out every night: Even if you think you are a party pooper, or you’re not sure where to go out: Make sure you go out! New York City is known for having fantastic happy hours, numerous nightclubs and a nightlife that always provides for great travel stories. There is always something to do at night; even if you are not a party animal, consider walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to capture the lit up Skyline or visiting a 24-hour venue or grocery store, just because it is open 24 hours!


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