Learn a new language without breaking the bank


Hearing foreign words such as “Bonjour!” “Ciao!” or “Ni Hao” gets any traveler (or language aficionado) excited for a new destination. When you make the decision to learn a new language, it becomes a huge commitment with a great reward.


It can easily become costly with expensive books, learning programs or lessons. Although it is obviously worth it to be able to communicate with others, enhance a job application or fulfill a unique desire to learn a language, there are affordable ways to do so.


Live Mocha: Everyone is familiar with Rosetta Stone as a computer learning program option. Unfortunately, as highly rated as this program is, it is extremely expensive. Luckily, Live Mocha is a great free online tool to learn many different languages; including uncommon ones such as Catalan, Dutch and Norwegian. The program uses real native speakers to instruct lessons; making the user confident about having the correct pronunciation of the word.


Local Libraries: Relatively, study books for languages are affordable for language lovers. But, when you're buying a few books, perhaps a dictionary and phrase book, it can easily add up. Speak to your local librarian about finding language books to borrow. It's easy to renew your books over time to stay consistent with your language lessons.


Make an Advertisement for a Native Tutor: With online friendly user forums such as Craigslist, it is simple enough to create a personal “help wanted” ad for a native tutor. It could be cheaper than opting for a language school, which have costly fees, especially for private lessons. You never know if someone might be freelancing and could use a few extra bucks to teach you their native language.


Learning the Language Abroad: When people go on vacation, especially long term, they struggle so hard to learn a few phrases before the trip. If you're spending time in this one location, it might be savvy to learn the language in the destination itself. Often does it happen that local Universities or libraries abroad offer free learning classes for beginner speakers.


Websites: Since the world wide web is free, why not use it to its full advantage? If you type “Learn French Online for free” there will probably be pages of websites of easy to learn French lessons. A good idea is to print or create worksheets with vocabulary words. Some websites even make their own audio or video lessons to hear the language being spoken. 

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