Make healthy choices at the airport


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the airport; your luggage is checked in, you’ve passed security and you have plenty of time before boarding. We’d like to imagine that happening just as much as we hope to find healthy choices at the airport. Filling up with a healthy meal is vital to a good flight, especially if it is one that doesn’t serve food. Having a full stomach with fresh foods will ensure a comfortable time in the air.


Bottled Water: We all know water is free on the plane, but water is an essential nutrient we need constantly. Purchase a medium sized bottle of water, especially if you’re traveling long distance or connecting flights later. You’ll be able to quench your thirst quickly rather than pestering the attendants every 5 minutes for one small cup of water you’ll guzzle down.


Salted peanuts: Though it might seem strange at first, salted peanuts are actually sometimes helpful as opposed to their unsalted relative. Those who might be traveling in hot weather or suffer from complications resulting in fatigue or anemia may consider salted peanuts at the airport. Low blood pressure can easily lead to fainting or dizzy spells, especially if you’re rushing through the airport in hot weather, carrying a heavy bag. Salted peanuts are a quick burst of energy and mental alertness to the blood system.


A Subway sandwich foot long: Even if your local airport is not blessed with a Subway sandwich venue, more than likely do they have a similar franchise that serves fresh sandwiches. A freshly prepared sandwich is always better than a premade one; you have the option to put what you want. Make sure to stack it with lots of vegetables that will keep you full longer. The best part about a large sandwich is saving the other half for later, in case the airport food doesn’t fill you up or you encounter the much hated airport delay.


Fruit Smoothie: Fruit smoothie venues such as Jamba Juice are suddenly the latest rage in fresh treats. It doesn’t have to be a warm summer day to enjoy a delicious smoothie. Morning travelers will especially appreciate a fresh smoothie with protein, awakening citrus fruits; blended to perfection. You can even add supplements such as caffeine or flax seed for an extra energy pick me up.  It is quick and easy to make and very portable to drink while you’re catching up on your reading at the Gate.


Yogurt Bowl: At one point or another, you’ve probably seen yogurt at the airport. Most often, it is a plain or simple flavor which may not seem too exciting for you. Some airports might have yogurt bowls; filled with granola, fresh fruits or even honey. If you have the time and cannot find this, be creative and make one yourself! Whether you make one at home, or buy the ingredients there separately, it will be one delicious treat filled with protein to keep you alert and full before your flight.

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