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Ditch Books for the Kindle!


There’s nothing worse than having to plunk down $25 more for your carry on just because you discovered you packed too much. Nor is it fun to take up four or five bins as you get scanned by the TSA in Security. Today’s smart traveler is all about economizing with the right gear, so here are a few travel tips to get you in shape for your next cheap flight:

Cut out the chargers: I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand wires. In fact, if there’s anything that is wire free, I’m all about it. So, how can you cut out the chargers, you may ask? One way is to purchase a solar charger, such as these models for the iPhone. A lot of them are less than $50 and over time you will appreciate how much better your life can be without those pesky wires.

Invest in a Scottevest piece of clothing: The travel clothing company makes vests, jackets and more to make your journeys much more manageable and smooth. There are jackets with several pockets so you can pretty much eliminate your carryon if you minimize and actually carry them on.

Bundle Your Camera and Phone in One: While it may not be easy for you to leave your Nikon D-90 and heavy duty equipment at home, you have to admit that the iPhone and other smart phones take pretty good pictures these days with their over Five MP inbuilt camera. If possible, economize by finding the right phone that will help you stay connected and snap some good shots too.

Layer As Much as You Can Before You Board:
Wearing thick socks in the middle of summer may seem counterintuitive, but considering that the temperatures inside the plane are cooler, and that you’ll have less items to pack in your carry on when you do your pre-flight layering. The bottom line is layer well so that your suitcase (or backpack) is lighter.

Ditch the Books: Much as I love paper, I do love my Kindle when I travel. You can store several books in the device (as many as 3,500…and you’ll never read that many during a flight). The new Kindle Fire Tablet allows you to browse the web, download apps, games and store books, and may be a good alternative to the iPad at a price that won’t break the bank. And at 14.6 ounces, this won’t weigh you down.


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