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Make sure your carry-on bag is fully equipped

Carry-on check list


Travelers always fuss about what to pack for a trip. The
worse thing is to forget something you really need. Although it is easy to pick
up simple items anywhere, feeling prepared for a trip is as good of a feeling
as it is to go on one. Why not put as much effort into packing your carry-on
bag as you do with your suitcase? These are 10 simple items every traveler
should carry with them.


Baby Wipes: The best travel items are those that are versatile. Baby
wipes are a must have item for any trip for its multiple uses. It's great to
clean your hands and face after a meal. Also, right before you land, rather
than carry face wash, it can be used as a quick refresher. And, if you run out
of toilet paper on the plane, you've got a backup.


Toothbrush and Toothpaste: When you're on a long flight or stuck in a layover, the
worst feeling is to feel dirty. Besides wiping your face down, a quick dental
clean in the restroom can make for a better feeling during long travel days.
Think about all the people you have to talk to; it's nice to have a fresh mouth
and not worry about feeling disgusting.


Notebook and pen: Whether you are a travel writer on the road or a family on
your first family vacation, remembering your travel days is important. Jotting
down the excitement of a new adventure is simple when you have a small notebook
and pen. It's also good to keep kids entertained if they have crayons or
markers.  A notebook and pen also comes in
handy for writing travel information or last minute reminders.


Basic OTC Medicine: Rather than investing in a first aid kit that will prevent
you from any disaster on the road (You can pack this in your suitcase
however.), it is easier to pack the basic over the counter medicine. Three must
haves are Acetaminophen for pain and fever, Ibuprofen for pain and cramps and
Alka Seltzer for troubling stomachs during travels.


Granola Bars: Don't always rely on your food on the plane to be served
fast, or for it to be a delicious filling meal. Most carriers don't serve food
until an hour into the flight. Put your hunger at bay by throwing a few granola
bags into your carry on. This is also great for unexpected plane delays as
well, when airport food is usually expensive.


Zip-lock Bags: Another versatile travel item to have is a few zip-lock
bags. They are useful to throw garbage when the flight attendant is taking too
long to collect your trash. Use zip-lock bags to organize your new carry on
must have's as well. Zip-locks can also be used for trivial uses; for instance,
to store an opened potato chip bag, or to throw your jewelry in that are
removed during a flight.


Mini Flashlight: Having a mini flashlight is also a must have item for any
trip. When the lights go out unexpectedly, you'll be fortunate to shed some
light on the situation. (Literally) Also, rather than using the larger overhead
light to look for something, use your mini flashlight as a courtesy to the
passenger next to you. A book light is a great substitute to use as a reading
light and mini flashlight.


Headphones: Face it, we all know the headphones given on the plane are
usually inadequate. Bringing a pair of decent headphones will save you the
trouble of pestering the flight attendants about non functioning headphones.
It's always good to bring items you are used to anyway!


Small Blanket: On some flights, carriers are now charging for what used to
be free items. This includes the small blanket that sometimes barely covers a
taller individual. Travel blankets are lightweight and portable, so having one
in your carry on is a must. It also doubles up as a pillow if you scrunch it up


Rubber Bands: Although it is a strange item, you'll realize how handy it
is to have rubber bands in your carry on. Use rubber bands to wrap up your hair
(carefully) when your hair tie breaks. It can be used to secure a broken item,
to wrap bigger items into a compact size and to make a rubber band ball when
boredom strikes!


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    Great article – baby wipes and ziplock bags sound like a great idea. I just got an iGo – portable phone charger that runs of 2 AA batteries that I don’t think I am going to be able to live with out.


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