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Don't Forget Your First Aid Kit!

Tis the cold & flu season and who knows what other germs and viruses out there. It is the season of giving, but keep your bug away from us! No one likes to travel when they are sick, and no one especially enjoys getting sick on a trip, so following these suggestions may prove beneficial to ensure feeling your best.

Get a checkup: Depending on your trip, it doesn’t hurt to get a physical checkup if you’re due for one. Let your provider know you are traveling and what he/she may recommend prior to a trip. You may need certain vaccines or antibiotics in case you get sick in a particular country. A doctor can assess how physically fit you are based on your medical history; so you may want to let him/her know if you’re planning on bungee jumping in Miami even though you may be asthmatic.

Travel with a First Aid Kit: Your mom always said better safe than sorry, and when it comes to your health, she is right! First aid kits are perfect for anything that may come up on a trip, especially if you prefer certain medications that may not be available abroad. Stick with the basics like Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and Benadryl for starters and work your way around that depending on your medical needs. If you have prescribed medication, make sure they are labeled and in your carry-on.

Stay Clean: Even in your own hometown, it is easy to catch the common cold. Maybe you caught something on the airplane ride and you want to prevent it from developing. Travel with antiseptic wipes or hand sanitizer to zap those germs away. Make sure the water you drink is clean if you’re in a country where it may not be safe, because that can lead to further complications. If you’re traveling while already feeling sick, carry with facial tissues to make sure others don’t get sick.

Boost your Immune System Before, During and After a trip: You may not believe it, but traveling can be daunting on the body. You’re moving around a lot, crossing time zones, experiencing climate changes and this can all lead to feeling unwell on a trip. Up your Vitamin C intake prior to a trip to at least 1000mg a day with supplements or a lot of oranges.  Make sure to drink fresh water wherever you are to stay hydrated while you’re on the road. Try to keep your stress levels at a minimum since your body is already trying to handle so many changes.

Consider Health Insurance Abroad: Perhaps this is your first big trip abroad and you’re going to be away for so long you’re worried about what may happen to you. Short trip or long, health insurance is vital no matter where you go. What can begin as an irritating ear ache can progress and turn into an ear infection. What if you need to be hospitalized and you don’t have enough money to cover the fees? Anything can happen at home and abroad, so having health insurance is excellent protection.

…Happy Thanksgiving!

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